How Does Computer Technology Improve Sports?
Sports is the ultimate test of human athleticism, but that’s not to say computers can’t help. Technology can help overcome some of the human limitations in officiating and administering sports. In turn that makes it easier to fairly judge performance and be more certain that the better competitor will win.

Instant Replay

  • Instant replay is a great example of technology moving from television coverage of sports to becoming a part of the sport itself. Being able to review video footage allows officials to see exactly what happened, overcoming the problem of missing the fine details in the heat of the action. Opinions are split about where instant replay works well: it is accepted as part of the game in sports like NFL football or cricket which have natural breaks in play, but is more controversial in free-flowing games such as rugby, and is rarely used in combat sports where a delay could allow a fighter to recover. Instant replay can also make things more interesting: both football and cricket limit the number of times a coach or player can demand an instant replay, meaning they must decide whether to risk calling for a borderline review. Sometimes instant replay can be too effective: during the 2010 World Cup, organizing body FIFA banned instant replays appearing on screens in the stadium over concerns it would provoke crowd anger over a controversial referee decision!

Sensor Tools

  • Several sports use technology to review cases where the position of a player, ball or other equipment affects the progression or outcome of a game, and where the human eye may not be able to accurately detect that position in real time. Different sports use different techniques: tennis systems usually rely on laser beams along the court lines to see if the ball breaks the line, while cricket’s Hawk-Eye system measures sound to detect whether the ball hit the bat before being caught. While most systems detect actual positioning, Hawk-Eye is sometimes used to predict where a ball would have gone had it not hit the player’s leg, which determines whether the player unfairly blocked it from hitting the wicket.

Timing Systems

  • The days of a human clicking a stopwatch on and off to time a race are long gone, meaning variations in human reaction time no longer limit the reliability and accuracy of a race time. Most races (whether on vehicles, foot or in the water) use a combined system in which the starting “pistol” also starts the clock running, while the competitors breaking a virtual barrier such as a laser beam on a finish line stops the clock, though swimming uses a touch-pad at the end of each lane. In most race sports, if two competitors cross a line with the same time, they are separated using a visual reference, either a “photo finish” from a camera triggered by the same mechanism as stopped the clock, or by frame-by-frame analysis of video of the event. Although timing systems can measure to the nearest thousandth of a second to determine a winner, Olympic and world records are usually only kept to the nearest hundredth of a second, something that’s designed to eliminate the effects of tiny inaccuracies in making sure a particular course (such as a 50-meter pool lane) is a precise distance.

RFID Chips

  • For races longer than sprints, which thus allow a little more leeway in precision, RFID chips are a common way of timing individual participants. The chips exchange a wireless signal with sensors at the finish line and, in many longer races, at checkpoints along the way. This makes it possible for spectators and broadcasters to accurately track the relative positions of competitors during the race, even in events such as marathons that have dozens of racers. Races can use two different types of chips. Active chips, which include a tiny battery, can track the time a racer passes a particular line almost perfectly. Passive chips, which don’t have a power supply, can only be used with sensors built into a mat which may be several feet across, which can introduce a margin of error equivalent to a couple of strides.

The Disadvantages of Using a Database

As your business expands and becomes more successful, its paper filing system can become tedious as well as impractical. This is why many company owners choose to use a database. Though databases help to make organizations run more smoothly, they are not without flaws. Designing a database can be costly and time-consuming. Technical problems can lead to extensive damage. Also, a company must spend time training employees to use the new database.

Time-Consuming Design

  • Converting from paper files to an electronic database system can be complex, difficult and time-consuming. Several steps must be followed when switching over to a database. The project leader must determine the purpose of the database and gather all the information that needs to be organized. The database designer must create the necessary tables that will divide the information, specify the primary keys, set up table relationships, refine the design and apply normalization rules that prevent maintaining redundant information in multiple places. Depending on skill level, designing the database can take several days to several weeks.

Technical Problems

  • Occasionally, the database may encounter errors that damage virtually all information within it. Unlike paper files, if an error is made in the database it can have a domino effect. Small miscalculations can lead to the need for a major overhaul of the system. Regular backups are critical to limit the potential for damage.


  • Converting to a database can be very expensive. The business owner will incur several costs. The more complicated the database design, the more it will cost. The company must purchase the software package that offers maximum flexibility for custom-designed database and allows for growth. In many cases, the business owner will have to hire a professional in order to ensure that the job is done correctly. She must invest enough in the planning of the structure of the database to ensure the best performance.

Training Required

  • Converting to a database means that the business owner must train employees to use the new software. Employees must take time away from their normal job functions to be trained. The business owner may also have to hire instructors to lead the training classes. Some employees may be resistant to the new technology. Training sessions can take from several hours to several days, and full adoption of the technology can take much longer than that. Depending on how long it takes employees to learn how to navigate the system, training and adoption may slow productivity.

How to Clean Personal Information off a Computer
Hitting the “delete” button on a PC does not magically make the junk file disappear completely. The erased program must be overwritten repeatedly by several more novel installations to avoid chances of recovery by professional hackers. Aside from furiously driving a sledgehammer through the hard drive, safer steps may be taken to really clean it of financial and other personal information. Knowing how to do so will protect many computer users from the damages caused by identity theft.


  1. Delete all temporary files, cookies and other traces of browsing activity from the browser’s memory. Simply click on”tools” in the menu bar and choose “Delete browsing history…” Then close “Internet Explorer.”
  2. Run anti-virus and security programs to remove viruses, spyware and malware footprints. Each sanitizing application immediately alerts computer users of suspicious activity and provides them with options to disable harmful agents. However, manually pressing on “scan” once a month will completely remove overlooked malicious software and keep the computer running smoothly.
  3. Uninstall junk programs through the control panel by choosing the “add/remove” feature. Restart the computer when prompted to finish erasing remaining files.
  4. Utilize CCleaner to further clean up removed files. Do so by choosing “registry” and picking the “scan for issues” option. This procedure also fixes broken file keys.
  5. Execute the Cyberscrub Privacy software by selecting “stop hardware recovery (DoD)” to overwrite deleted applications. The process will make the old programs untraceable as it securely stops the most powerful recovery tools.

How to Submit a Business Listing to TomTom

Each consumer Global Positioning System (GPS) device comes pre-programmed with thousands of points of interests (POI) such as restaurants, gas stations, attractions, businesses and more. Since businesses are constantly emerging or closing, the companies responsible for updating the POI can not always track and add new businesses to their database to keep up with what’s happening in real time. TomTom, makers of GPS devices, receive their POI information from GPS Data Team, NAVTEQ and TeleAtlas. By accurately entering your business information to one of the three sites, your business will be seen by TomTom users nationwide.

GPS Data Team

  1. Go to the GPS Data Team website (see resources).
  2. Enter your country information. Choose your listing category and select “TomTom GPS” from the type of GPS system you want to update. Press the “Continue” button to continue with the listing.
  3. Enter your business information, such as the business’ name, phone number, address and a brief description about your business. Press the “OK” button to finalize your business listing.


  1. Go to the NAVTEQ website (see resources).
  2. Click on the “Find & Report” tab, located underneath the NAVTEQ logo.
  3. Type in the name of your business into the search box and press “Search.” If your business is not listed in the system, press the “Add a New Item to the Map” button.
  4. Click the “Add a new POI” icon and enter the business information in the text boxes provide, including your business name, phone number and address. Press “Next Step” to continue.
  5. Verify your listing and confirm the details are accurate. Click the “Edit Changes” link to go back and fix any errors. If you are satisfied with your information, click the “Send Report” to finalize your listing.


  1. Go to the TeleAtlas website (See resources) and select your preferred language for the site.
  2. Select the country and state from the drop-down menu, Enter your address and click the “Search” button. This will generate a map on the left-hand side of the page.
  3. Click and drag the green pin-point button to the exact location of your business. “Step 2” on the web page should begin to flash. Click on the “Step 2” button and select the “Point of Interest (POI)” icon.
  4. Select the “Add a Point of Interest” option and enter the name of your business, category and additional details. Once you have fulfilled the required information, “Step 3” on the web page should begin to flash.
  5. Click on the “Step 3” button to verify your information and enter your email address. Press the “Submit Report” button to finalize your listing.

How Does a Computer Process Data

What is data?

  • Simply put, data is information. Data can be numbers, strings of characters or images. All data must be entered into the computer for it to be processed. Data can be read out of a file, typed in via the keyboard or scanned in like a bar code. From a computer programmer’s viewpoint, this is considered raw data that needs to be processed.

Why use a computer to process data?

  • Computers process very large amounts of data because they can interpret the data much more quickly than a person. Most data processing is mundane, and would be prone to human error if not processed by computer. Computers process data so fast that their speed is measured in MIPS (Millions of Instructions Per Second).

The computer’s brain.

  • A computer uses a Central Processing Unit or CPU to do all its decision-making and data processing. The CPU has an internal set of instructions it follows when it receives a command. Programmers use different languages to give the CPU commands. These languages are more human readable than the CPU’s machine language. The CPU follows the programmer’s logic to process the data given it.

Data as output.

  • Part of the programmer’s instructions will be how to save the processed data. Again data can be written to a file, but output usually goes to a printed report as well. A payroll system will produce several types of output, it prints checks, updates accounting databases and produces files that are sent to the government to show the amount of taxes withheld.

Garbage in, garbage out.

  • The data that is input to the computer must be good data, or the output will be useless. Computers on their own are unintelligent machines. They follow the instructions given them, and process data without thought.

The Best & Beautiful With Botox

Botox made by Allergan is an option many woman and men are using widely as a cosmetic enhancement treatment. This is a treatment once started needs to be maintained routinely for optimum results. Groupon Coupons is an opportunity for recipients of this treatment to have a great savings.

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Save Money Now – Use Paperless Coupons!

Coupons are an extraordinary asset for sparing cash. Consider tickets “free money.” Would one stroll by a dollar on the ground without lifting it up? So why might anybody leave behind “free money” as coupons? The immense thing about this technique for sparing money is that it is simple and requires no unique aptitudes to begin. Things needed for card cut-out are a couple of scissors and the wanted coupons. Along these lines, one needs to assemble their devices and start cutting! One such place that one can find Groupon coupons is  Walgreens.

By and large, it is additionally an intelligent thought to have some technique for sorting out tickets. One can buy a coupon coordinator (regularly found at specialty and retail establishments) or make their strategy for sorting out their “free cash.” When they have cut out their craved coupons, place them in a card coordinator or spot them in named envelopes. The then give them various titles that may have different names depending on what they desire to buy.   They are just around them. On the off chance that one likes a specific brand or producer, a visit to their site may likewise uncover coupons. Sites such as these are awesome sources. Regularly, one needs to give an email address or agree to a pamphlet to get the coupon. Once in awhile, makers will even offer free examples. Did you know you can utilize more than one coupon on the same thing? Use a producer’s coupon in conjunction with a store coupon for considerably more investment funds.

Sites like Walgreens provide coupons that are always available whenever one wants them. They vary from the type and price of items you buy from their online store. You need to look out for these coupons each and every time as a way of saving. You will enjoy not only high-quality goods but also valuable coupons that will save you money. Not many online stores can provide such high number of tickets. Coupons should be a person choice when buying online and registering with such sites to receive updates would be a good thing.

Best lightweight mobile phones of LG

Apart from all the technological inventions that have been rocking the smartphone eco-space, there are consumers who also focus on buying a handset with certain dimension and weight. Who doesn’t like a slim, slick and lightweight Android smartphone?

1. LG G3 D855

Topping the list is LG G3 D855 which gives you a little extra- extra enjoyment, extra freedom, extra value — a pinch extra that your requirement! You can add style, ostentatiousness and sophistication to your life with a set that compliments your personality and individuality LG G3 (D855) 32 GB has the finest visibility with 13.97cm (5.5) Quad HD (2560 X 1440), it’s stunning Quad HD display supports an astounding 538ppi, commonly used for printing high-quality gallery art books. Its bezel-free edge to edge 5.5 inch screen, you can experience the stunning picture quality of Quad HD right in your hands.


An advanced 13MP OIS and an astounding Camera with Laser Auto focus and an exceptionally beautiful light weight metallic Design makes it a catch. Its lightweight Metallic Design and a classic, metallic body that is light-weight, adds comfort and portability. Before You Ask, it also flaunts a 1W Speaker with Boost AMP 3, 000 mAh, which is Replaceable and has Wireless Charging option too. The price if this smartphone is Rs.42, 500.

2. The LG Optimus Exceed 2

This handset will surpass your expectations with a thin, stylish, sleek design that’s adorned with a large screen – so you don’t have to sacrifice quality for portability. Its long-lasting battery, gives you more time to enjoy all the good things in the set.


It has a Simple and Immersive AndroidTM 4.4, KitKat and a feature to Wake Your Phone with “Knock On TM Multitask”. It also has an Ease using QSlide Function and a remarkable feature to Receive Bright Light Alerts with Smart LED. It has a powerful 1.2 GHz Dual-Core Processor and an exceptionally Long-Lasting 2,100 mAh Battery with a 5 Megapixel Autofocus Camera. Its price is $250.

Gionee Elife S7 Detailed Review and Full Specs

Gionee is a Chinese mobile phone manufacturer which was founded in 2002, considered as one of the largest mobile manufacturers of China. Gionee Elife S7 has released in March 2015. This phone is available in three different colors white, black and Maldives blue. It is a dual sim smartphone which accepts two nano sims offering dual standby.


The display has designed with a Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M color display of 5.2 inches and provides an HD resolution of 1080×1920 pixels supporting multi-touch functionality up to 5 fingers and has protected with a Corning Gorilla Glass three against scratches and breakage. It measures 148.8 mm in height, 72.4 mm in width, 5.5 mm in the thickness and weighs about 125 gm which is very light in weight and easily fits into your pocket.

Gionee Elife S7 has 13 MP primary camera with autofocus and LED flash making it easy to click amazing pictures and record HD videos and has integrated with an 8 MP secondary camera in the front which is excellent for taking selfies and video calling. The extra features of the primary camera are Geo-tagging, face/smile detection, panorama and HDR modes. This phone runs on an Android operating system of v5.0 Lollipop and has powered by a non-removable Li-ion 2700 mAh battery providing a very long lasting standby of 297 hours on 3G and a talk time of 24 hours on 3G.


Gionee Elife S7 has powered with an Octa-core 1.7GHz Cortex A53 processor and Mali-T760 MP2 Graphics processor and a chipset configured by Mediatek MT6752. This phone has a powerful 2GB RAM providing a fast processing experience and multitasking with an internal memory of 16GB where the user can store all his personal data. The storage has no scope of expanding because it has no SD card option.

This phone has a standard video and audio player support in addition to the FM radio. It has an internet connectivity of 2G/3G/4G that provides fast internet browsing and has a preinstalled Android browser. It also has all the essential features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi hotspot and also the navigation technology of A-GPS with Google Maps. The sensors of this phone include Accelerometer, Light Sensor, Proximity Sensor, G-Sensor, eCompass and also an addition feature, i.e., OTG compatibility with which you can connect a USB drive directly to your phone.

Gionee Elife S7 is available at a price starting from Rs.14500 in the market. The excellent features of Elife S7 have made it score 86 on and 72 again for its reviews. It has a U-shaped micro groove design which is air crafted with Al-Mg alloy for the middle frame which provides a perfect grip for human fingers with a slim structure. Even though it is larger in size when compared to Huawei Honor 6, it has less powerful RAM and battery capacity.  Due to the octa-core processor, its has edge over Samsung Galaxy S4.

The best games for PlayStation 4

Did you buy a PlayStation 4 and you do not know what games to play? Or are you just thinking of buying a used PS4? Well, in this case you can click here to buy Playstation 4 and start playing on this great console. Or maybe you are looking for some new games? In this article, we have chosen for you the best games and this list is compiled on the basis of reviews, it is advisory in nature and is intended to help those who have no time for reading numerous texts, reviews or watching videos on YouTube.

Grand Theft Auto 5

Associate flow: bandits, car theft, robbery, sunny California, open world
Why should you buy it?
In Grand Theft Auto 5, everything is beautiful ranging from shootings and robberies to the plot and just driving. This is perhaps the only open world game, where it is fun to just wander around and look around. The City of Los Santos is designed so that the environment is self-sufficient, is full of life and there is always something going on in it. The player is just another passer-by, who is allowed to walk and ride cars. In addition, a first-person view mode was added to the next-generation consoles making the experience of playing this game even better.

Mortal Kombat X

The associative flow: fights, parties, blood, fatalities, Mortal Kombat!
Why should you buy it?
There is no better way to spend an evening with friends than to buy some snacks and play some Mortal Kombat. The new generation of this game is the same as its predecessor that we all used to play as kids, but it is more beautiful, more dynamic and is more bloody than any fighting games that you have seen before.


The associative flow: first Person Shooter, aliens, online, PvE, PvP, space, beauty; from the creators of Halo
Why should you buy it?
Destiny is a stunningly beautiful game with excellent shooting; of all the games about space, perhaps, only Destiny gives a sense of being present on the unexplored planets. This is the only game where you can ride on a futuristic motorcycle on Mars alongside with your friends. When you get tired doing missions, you can take on raids (one such undertaking will take you from four to six hours) or fight with other players in the competitive mode. In addition, Destiny has a lot of addition stuff in the form DLCs: one DLC is already out and the second one is already on its way, and the developers are saying that the game will be around for at least ten years. If you like, this is a console version of World of Warcraft but it is about space and shooting.

To sum up, we hope you find our list of games useful and you will now have an amazing experience of playing these games. If you still do not have a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One, then you should seriously consider buying either of them since video games in Canada are becoming more and more popular and entertaining.

Top 10 Ergonomic Products for Educators and Computer Users

Since graduating from college, I have worn many hats, including a public and private high school Spanish teacher, an online English curriculum writer, a copy editor, and a blogger {both personally and professionally}. As a result, I have worked in an office, a classroom, and in my own living room. Each job has revolved around heavy computer use, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite ergonomic products.

Top 10 Ergo Products

  1. The Mobile Stand. As a good teacher who manages her class and teaches well all at the same time, I love this mobile “desk” that allows any educator (or presenter) speak from any point in the room seamlessly.
  2. Presentation Keyboards. Along the same vein, presentation keyboards are fabulous for any kind of presentation when you don’t feel like being tied to your desktop computer. Having options for your own positioning as a presenter is crucial for keeping all eyes on you.
  3. Ergonomic mice. My forefinger and thumb start to cramp with touchpads. Thus, I love the handshake position of an evoluent mouse and the comfort it provides for long periods of mousing.
  4. Adjustable Keyboard Drawer with Mousing Surface. It’s nice to have a keyboarding and mousing surface that is adjustable- great option if you don’t want to invest in an ergonomic desk.
  5. Ergonomic Keyboards. Whether you’re left-handed, uncomfortable typing, or just looking to free up desk space, ergonomic keyboards are an easy upgrade.
  6. Mini Multimedia Keyboards. If desk space is an issue, then why not go mini and wireless, with tons of features?
  7. Adjustable Ergonomic Work Station. Since I do work from home, I can’t afford to sacrifice too much space on a desk. I like this one because it allows users to sit or stand at a reasonable price within a reasonable amount of space. No more losing productive time because my back is aching and I just can’t sit any longer.
  8. Lumbar Portable Pillow. I’d love an ergonomic chair, but since that’s not in the budget, I think this lumbar support pillow is a great, less expensive option. Plus, it’s portable, and I can take it when I travel.
  9. Portable White Noise Generator. If I had a nickle for very time I fondly thought of my portable white noise generators, well, I wouldn’t have to work anymore. I use mine for work, for sleep, and for the kids to sleep. Love it.
  10. Green Power Strip. I’ve blogged about it before, but I love how efficient this strip is- it saves me time (since I only have to turn off 1 switch) and it saves me money. Win-win.

Best Birthday Gadgets to Gift your Bestie

It’s that time of the year again. Your best friend is about to have another birthday. Where did the year go? Didn’t you just celebrate one not too long ago? You’re panicking because you feel like there is not enough time to figure out what to get this gadget-loving friend. There’s no need to freak out. Read along for the four best gadgets to gift as a birthday present to your best friend.

Fitbit Charge HR


She wants to continue to get her fitness on. She’s been on a roll lately and you’ve noticed the changes (hey, you’re maybe even a little jealous but still happy for her). Keep encouraging her to continue on the path to a healthy lifestyle with a trendy wristband that tracks all of her movement and gives her metrics of her progress. The Fitbit Charge HR continuously tracks the heart rate and calories burned. Conveniently enough, it syncs to your mobile device to view real-time stats (and even has Caller IDcapabilities). An added bonus is the sleep monitoring option.

Logitech’s Keys-To-Go Keyboard


If your best friend is constantly working on-the-go using her tablet, it’s a good idea to get her a practical and portable keyboard she can use. Logitech’s Keys-To-Go Keyboard is ideal for commuters who are using their tablets to get some last minute emails answered on the train or bus ride home. It is Bluetooth enabled and compatible with all IOS devices. Weighing a whopping 6 ounces, it can be fit in a laptop case, a purse or even a man bag. The durable FabricSkin makes it easy to wipe off messes. It comes in black, red and teal.

HEOS Wireless Music System


Decking her house out with HEOS multi room wireless speakers might just make the best birthday present to date. Stream music from any source to multiple rooms at any given time. You’ll want to start with the HEOS 3 for her office and bedroom. Its two custom full-range drivers and a two-channel class D amplifier will bring precise sound to her home. In four easy steps, she will have a top-of-the line system. Plug in the speaker, download the HEOS app, connect to your home wireless network and choose your music from your existing music library and a host of music streaming services! The wireless speakers may make a great impression!

Amazon Fire TV Stick


Take online entertainment with you wherever you go. The Amazon Fire TV Stick connects to your HDTV and in an instant you will have access to online streaming services such as Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, Hulu Plus and plenty of movie rentals. The setup is a cinch. Plug in the HDMI extender to the HDTV, plug into an outlet and connect to WiFI. Featuring a crisp sound powered by Dolby Digital, this is perfect for the traveler (whether for business or pleasure).

Hopefully after reading the gift suggestions, your anxiety over what to purchase has settled down. In the end, it’s the thought that counts (the guide has provided four good thoughts)!

Bad Effects of Electronic Gadgets

Technology is an integral part of our day-to-day lives. People all over the world rely on it for things like communication, organization and employment. Not a day goes by when you don’t encounter someone talking on his cell phone, tapping away on a laptop or listening to an MP3 player. While this technology is impressive, there are certain drawbacks in areas like health, public safety and education that should be addressed. Being aware of these dangers can help diminish or reverse these drawbacks.

Gadgets like portable games can have a negative impact on an individual's health.

Car AccidentsThere is no question that cell phones have become a staple of modern society. Even young children use them, much to the chagrin of their parents or teachers. A common belief is that cell phones can cause adverse effects like brain cancer. However, a study by the World Health Organization (WHO) concluded that this is not true. Regardless, there are other hazards. According to the WHO, mobile phones are a serious problem when driving, increasing reaction time between 0.5 and 1.5 seconds. This short span of time can make a world of difference when avoiding a collision. They further state drivers on a phone have trouble judging speed and staying in their lanes. Even hands-free headsets pose a distraction. The WHO concludes that drivers who talk on their cell phones are four times more likely to get in an accident.

Man driving on phone

Hearing ProblemsAccording to the website Healthy Hearing, one-third of teenagers own an MP3 player, such as an iPod. Dr. Craig Kasper, Director of Audiology at the New York Otolaryngology Group, warns that these devices can cause ear damage if used improperly. If the volume is too high or if the individual listens for a long time, hearing damage can happen. Also, earbuds are more dangerous than regular headphones. Healthy Hearing recommends that listeners keep the volume below 70 percent and limit listening time to between 60 and 90 minutes. If you want to listen indefinitely, turn the volume down to 50 percent.

Woman with earphones in

Physical Injury and ObesityHand-held video game consoles are very popular in the developed world. While they can be entertaining, excessive play can be detrimental. One problem is video game addiction, which can be disruptive to a person’s psychological health. Other reported issues include seizures, neck pain, wrist pain and repetitive strain injury. Prolonged use also contributes to a sedentary lifestyle, resulting in obesity.

Man playing video games

Academic ImpactText slang, such as “ur” instead of “you’re” is commonly used through cell phone texting. However, a recent study shows that kids and teens are actually letting these obscure abbreviations seep into their normal writing. A recent study by Pew Internet in 2008 revealed that 50 percent of students use informal slang in their assignments. Furthermore, 38 percent admit they have used abbreviations in their schoolwork like “LOL”, which stands for “laugh out loud”. Additionally, 25 percent say that they use emoticons such as “smiley faces” in formal writing. The problem has become so apparent that some U.S. politicians are concerned that the English language and sentence structure is being twisted, negatively affecting students’ learning.

Teenager texting

Samsung Galaxy S Duos Price In India Will Help You To Match Your Economic Budget Plan

It is really amazing on how Samsung is coming up with so many promising names and feature loaded smartphone, for people. No matter how much you want to spend or how less you want to invest for your smartphone, you are always asked to get in touch with Samsung as the leading and one stop name for your use.

One such item, which is ravishing the entire marketplace these days, is Samsung galaxy S Duos. Available in amazing sleek and sophisticated design, the phone has every feature, which you want in a smartphone, for your use.

Cost is a major factor

As cost always plays a pivotal role, therefore; this phone is absolutely perfect for cost saving people. You can always check out the Samsung galaxy s duos price, and will be shocked to avail such valuable features, within the same range.

  • This phone is known for supporting both HSPA and GSM service for the users
  • Moreover, the dimension of this phone is 121.5 x 63.1 x 10.5 mm and with a weight of 120 grams, only
  • This phone falls under DUOS category, which means it support 2 SIMs, at a time. Among these two SIMs, one needs to be a mini SIM and another one in dual stand by time

Other features for you

Apart from the points, which you have already come across, there are some other noteworthy values, which you can look for. Before that, ensure to check out Samsung galaxy s duos price in India first and pre-set a budget plan, accordingly.

  • This phone comprises of TFT capacitive touchscreen and with 16M colors
  • Moreover, you can avail 4 inches as screen size and with 480 x 800 pixel resolution
  • It has multi touch functionality, which is another plus point for you to rely upon
  • It follows the Ice Cream Sandwich service of Android OS, which is v4.0 mark
Camera for you

Even though Samsung galaxy s duos price in India is not going to cost you much, but the features will match your needs.This product comprises of two cameras like any other expensive smartphone.

The front camera will cost you 5MP and the secondary one is a VGA camera, located in the front. This platform also deals with geo tagging feature and with video quality of 480p@30fps.

This phone also has sensors like proximity, accelerometer and compass values. Some other messaging solutions are MMS, SMS, and Push Email and Email values, all with the same phone.

5 Best Smartphones by Panasonic

With hundreds of smartphones in the market and a host of online and offline mobile stores, customers get more confused than getting spoilt for choice and easily choosing the best one for them. This article will help you find out how to make the choice you won’t regret.

Choosing the right Smartphone for yourself

It is only natural to get confused and even get mislead by the various opinions and paid reviews you see for the numerous smartphones in the market. Here are some tips to help you not get mislead while making a choice for yourself:

  • Onlinereviews– Spot the reliable reviews. User reviews on products available in online stores are filled with paid reviews. Look at all the reviews to get a general idea about the product and look for repetitions in the cons of the product. If you find no such repeated complaints among at least 200 reviews, don’t trust the product just yet.


  • Realuserreviews– The best option is to ask someone you know who is using the product you’re planning on buying. It is recommended to not go for an absolutely brand new product. Wait for at least 2-3 months to judge the performance of the gadget.


  • Prioritize– There are just too many fancy features every smartphone boasts these days. Your job is to stay focused on the features you really need instead of falling for an amazingly unique feature that you will never use. Make a list of the features or functions that you need and you want, in descending order or requirement and go for a smartphone that offers most of these.


  • Price– Since many brands overprice their gadgets, you should look into similar products from other brands that have good genuine reviews. Often people go for an unreasonably expensive phone just to be sure of the brand quality and end up realizing that brand name isn’t always a reliable parameter to judge performance.
5 best smartphones from Panasonic

Panasonic has always been a reliable name for gadgets and the brand is picking up quickly in the smartphones arena as well. Here is a list of the best mobile phones from Panasonic that have satisfied thousands of customers already:

  • PanasonicP55– This one runs on the Android KitKat and Snapdragon 400 processor with 1 GB RAM. The display and other specs are quite satisfactory if not the best in the whole market but the performance outdoes many other brands in this price range.


  • PanasonicElugaL4G– This phone outdoes many in the battery life, display and performance sections in the INR 9,000-10,000 price bracket. It is one of the best choices for utility smartphones.


  • Panasonic P31– This one is a good performer in the low end smartphones group with just decent but reliable RAM and processor.


  • Panasonic Eluga U– This one is a good performer and a great gadget looks-wise at just about a 1000 bucks more than the Eluga L4G. It outdoes many of the rival brand models in this price range.


  • PanasonicT40– Those who are new to Panasonic smartphones can use this one as a very reliable trust-building phone as it is priced lower than most phones.

Try any of these Panasonic smartphones and you will not suffer from buyers’ remorse for sure.

What is the Benefits of Buying a Mobile Phone Online?

This is definitely true cell phone has made our life easier and faster. Markets are flooded with smart phones which have now become a part of our daily routine. Cell phones have become the latest style statement and come with various hi-tech features.

Currently, two types of mobile technologies are available on which handset works CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) and GSM (Global System for Mobiles). CDMA is a channel access technique by which multiple transmitters send information at the same time over a single transmission channel. GSM makes use of Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) technique to compress & digitize the data and relays it with two streams of data in their own slot. Among both technologies GSM technology holds the maximum market share.

CDMA handsets are locked with one carrier and user cannot change it where else, GSM phones are not confined to one carrier and can be changed by changing the SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card. In United Kingdom, currently unlocked phones or GSM technology is only available. Few companies offering these services are EE, O2, Vodafone and three. As more companies are manufacturing handsets, cost is coming down; hence you can find cheap unlocked phones very easily in the market. Everyone wants to own or have latest smart phone, so they are not left behind in this arena of modern communication. New features are being integrated by phone manufacturing companies, according to the demand of the users.

Many operating systems have been developed for smart phones but Android and iOS are the most popular. Mobile applications (Apps) have been developed for android and iOS handsets. These Apps allows you to book movie tickets, order food online, get latest news, send & receive emails, listening latest music, make video calls and do social networking. This makes extremely difficult to find cheap good phones as a lot of variety is available; hence buying Mobile phone online it the best option.

Some advantages of purchasing Mobile phone online are the following:

•    You can view all the latest cell phones that are available along with their features

•    Feedback about the phones can be read and detailed research can be done
•    Price of different cell phones can be compared
•    Minute details can be collected such as such as weight, color, size, camera resolution and type of ports that are available
•    Online comments on a particular phone can be viewed, which can help you decide or choose cell phone.
•    Those who are looking to buy cheap phones, internet is the best available resource as you can find hot offers
•    Exclusive deals are available on varied shopping portals by making use of voucher codes or discount codes
•    Free shipping of handset is also provided for online shoppers
•    Various modes of payments are available such as credit card, visa, debit card or cash on delivery
•    Mobile can be replaced or exchanged any time from comfort of your home
•    Festive offers are available where you purchase phone at rock bottom prices
•    Various shopping portals also offer mobile accessories as complementary gift with the handset
•    Online purchasing is much easier, quicker and very convenient

Further, buying cell phone can be a tricky deal but shopping portals have made it fairly simpler & extremely easier. Before you decide to buy phone from your nearest store, do visit or search leading online portals and then take your decision.

How to Use Promotional USB Flash Drives To Advertise Business

Promotional flash drives have been a popular advertising medium year after year because it essential and useful in current marketing trend. It uses after printed company logo on flash drives and gift to regular customers. Many organizations are using custom printed drives for to advertise their business. This is innovative and powerful promotional tool for expands business among targeted customers.

Custom USB Flash Drives

Is a Custom Flash Drives right for your Business?

Well, flash drives are widely used in all over the world for storage and transfer digital data such as mp3 files, audio- video files, digital documents and other media files. While promotional tool used in almost any business, it is best suited for some business.

Manufacturing Industries

This is the most appropriate fit! Your customer can use your product; you should promote your brand through your distributors and wholesalers. Give promotional USB flash drives to them with installing detail about your company, procedures to use equipment, your other products and it’s benefits and so on. You should also gift your administrative and marketing staff.

Use it in Meeting, Events, Conference & Trade shows

You can use printed pen drives in business meeting, various promotional events, conference and trade show. It leaves a great impression among meeting persons, you should also gift them for more information about your meeting purpose or events. The major advantage of this advertising tool is they take it with them while brochures and other physical stuff may be through in a dustbin after conformance.

on-Profit Organizer, Church, Community and Civic Groups

The custom printed USB flash drives is a best promotional tool for above organizations they can easily spread awareness about their work in the communities. Even more, they should return gift to donator and volunteers.

Healthcare Sectors

A lot of papers are using in the healthcare centers, the flash drives are the best green solutions. They can use flash drives instead of papers to mentions prescribes medicines and treatments data. With it, they can’t just save papers but also save the data for long time and easily read when they need.

However, the advantages of the custom USB flash drives is not limited to above business, it has many applications for other business. You should printed your website detail on it, thus you can enhance traffic on your site.

Money Saving Tips for Flash Drives

In addition, whether you literally interested to purchase promotional pen drives you should need to little workout for saving money on promotion product. You don’t give advertising devices everybody makes the list of important customers and staff members. Always buy bulk USB flash drives from a manufacturer because you can be get attractive discount by them. Ask them about shipping and sample of custom design, which much suit your business.

Are you going to replace your cell phone?

Cellular phones are essential part of our daily life and with the technology change and due to its revolution it’s very common to fast exchange this device.   We can say integral part of our life to cell phone. Now the question is how to sell your cell phone in better price, this is an important concept because a right place and right price is necessary to sell your phone.  If you are going to sell your used cell phone it is necessary to find shop that will give you better price of it.

Many things you must know about how sell your used cell phone like, the configuration, futures and battery backup capacity and camera etc, and after that one place is; where you can do sell it.

Your used phone cash back is also most important thing because sometime happen that you purchase a cell phone but not liked the model or configuration of it, at that time just two, three or six month you want to replace it and wanted best price.

In this era technology due to fast changing technology it is necessary to keep update yourself and the easiest way is to get new smart phone or tablet pc, because there is option to access internet, word/excel file or many thing at one place with the help of cell phone.

If deal of exchanging your cell phone will be better and you must find the better place you sell your phone and get best used phone cash back. When we purchase cell phone and after use sell it so we found there are lot of difference in price means the selling price is too low in comparison of purchasing price although phone used in two or months only, but we suggesting you a site where you can sell your phone in best price is;

You must visit at above mention site and defiantly it is best medium of selling your phone in better price. To get used phone cash back that is easiest and better way to use this site, we are providing you better medium to exchanging technology in better way, that is more beneficial for you like your time and headache will be reduce after use this way.

Broader Understanding About Eurotherm 2132 and 7300S

Temperature monitoring makes a significant portion in lot of industries today such as food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, as well as in environmental monitoring, temperature control is quite vital. A large number of people work in such industries. A huge portion of operations lie upon temperature and most people neglect the importance of having an adequate temperature monitor in place; in fact failing to have one could term that the organization breaking the law. For example, according to food safety law, almost every food product needs to be kept at designated temperatures towards making them safe for consumption. Just in case, if the temperatures are precisely not taken care while the product is in the making, which varies in accordance to various products, can hamper the eventual product that may definitely lack in terms of quality or desired appearance. Moreover, having them too cold renders them inedible and too warm temperature might encourage bacteria growth at a decent pace, so keeping a close eye on temperatures gets significantly vital. This even applies to the storage areas, such as freezers. And this also comes into play in preparation and cooking areas, so it is essentially important to incorporate temperature monitors at every step of the process and adequate temperature control in place at all times.

How we can do well in temperature control? Since we have eurotherm 2132 1/32 DIN Temperature Controller, with advanced PID algorithms, it is easy to render stable ‘straight line’ temperature control. It features self-tuning to optimize the control performance without possessing specialist knowledge or training. With up to two outputs, one logic input or output grants simple operation, internal timer – a 5 mode timer suitable for simple time based profiling applications with universal inputs with three internal alarms. It’s advisable to check out Eurotherm 7300S 3 phase solid state relay: three phase, three Leg Solid State Contractors (SSC). The current range from 16 to 160 amps at 45°C and voltage up 500V. Talking about the inputs, Logic (AC or DC) or Analogue 4-20mA renders time proportional output suitable for SWIR or resistive loads. The product features diagnostic load failure detection, thyristor short circuit alarm, over-temperature alarm, low temperature coefficient resistive loads and a range of three phase, three leg solid state contractors for the use with short wave infrared (SWIR). All the controllers come with working manual that entitles the buyer to have a detailed information about the working procedures of such magnificent devices.

 Changes in Communication Technology

           As civilization has evolved, so has communication technology. From letters to phone calls to email, basic communication methods have consistently progressed into to the complex systems we have today. As humans continue to become more dependent on technological communication, such improvements will continue to be made. Modern day communication technology has essentially made interaction instantaneous, inexpensive and concise.

Technology has evolved rapidly.

Early FormsThe earliest forms of nonverbal communications are believed to be the inscriptions depicted upon and found among cave walls throughout the world. Within the Chauvent Cave in southern France in 1994, for example, archeologists found drawings which date back 30,000 to 37,000 years ago according to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Although very primitive compared to today’s standards, such wall writings are considered the first technological advance in communications.

Cave inscriptions.
Printing BreakthroughAfter Johannes Gutenberg invented mechanical movable type, printed communication became much cheaper and quicker to mass produce. Gutenberg’s development allowed for newspapers and other sorts of literature to become readily available to the public. Such communications began trickling down to all classes of society, allowing for various kinds of information to be more easily exchanged through writing.

Global CommunicationEven after the modernized printing press was developed, people who moved to new areas of America and the rest of the world were faced with the problem of global communication. The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee notes that letters being carried between traveling friends was the earliest form of long distance communication. In the United States, “The Postal Act of 1711 altered the system. The Postmaster became a royal appointee, rather than a private charter. This helped expand and improve postal service, especially in the southern colonies where settlements were dispersed.”

Mail became a way to communicate globally.
TelecommunicationsAlexander Graham Bell’s invention of the telephone revolutionized global communication. According to the Franklin Institute, his first telephone was dubbed an “electrical speech machine” in 1876. The first phone conversation exchange was set up in Connecticut in 1878; six years later long distance communication was established between Boston and New York. Over the next century, the telecommunication systems would evolve into transcontinental lines, data lines and the modern cell phone.

The telephone has evolved rapidly.
The Wireless AgeIn 1983, as stated by Best Buy Mobile, Martin Cooper was credited with developing the first commercial cell phone. According to Time, the smart phone–first introduced by Philips in 1997–was the first telephonic device to utilize email and internet access. Cell phones have continued to evolve into smaller and more powerful devices; some are essentially small computers. The iPhone, BlackBerry and Android now provide users with a myriad of Personal Information Management tools. The combination of internet access, texting, email, maps and even mobile banking are practically considered the norm as phones continue to evolve.

Wireless Smartphone.

How to Use Magic Jack With Multiple Computer Accounts

MagicJack’s phone service uses the Internet to place calls rather than using traditional copper lines, or cell phone technology. The magicJack device plugs into a computer’s USB port, which is in turn connected to the Internet. A classic phone is plugged into the MagicJack device, or a software-based softphone can be used. You can call anywhere in the United States and Canada for one monthly price, according to magicJack. You can use magicJack with multiple computers, and you can register multiple magicJack accounts on the same computer. Some use multiple magicJack units for home and travel.

You can register multiple magicJack accounts on the same computer.


  1. Turn the computer or computers on.
  2. Plug the magicJack into any computer and wait for the software to show on the computer’s screen. You don’t have to re-register the software if you’ve used the magicJack on other computers. After a few moments, you will be able to make and receive phone calls. Only one magicJack can be used on a computer at a time—but you can register more than one MagicJack on the same computer.
  3. Plug additional magicJack units into computers that are on the same network and behind the same router. The computers must have separate magicJack accounts. When the software loads, register the magicJack and create a new account for each computer. For example, if family members are using a magicJack on one computer, you can use another magicJack on another computer on the same network.

How to Use Two iPhones On One Computer

Use Two iPhones On One Computer
Using one computer with two iPhones is easier than you think. Follow these easy steps to use two iPhones on the same computer, whether it’s a Mac or PC


  1. The first step to hooking up two iPhones to one computer is to make sure that the iPhones have different names. Chances are your two iPhones already have different names as they are probably used by different people.

    When you first connect the iPhone to a computer, iTunes will ask you to name the iPhone. Just make sure that you name the two seperately.

  2. Next, sync up each iPhone one at a time. When you connect each iPhone, iTunes will recognize the unique name and allow you to set up your playlists, photos, etc. unique to that iPhone.

    When you are done setting up the first iPhone, do the same with the second one.

  3. To have two separate sets of contacts, create two gruops of contacts in your address book (on a Mac). Then under the Info tab in iTunes (after selecting your iPhone icon), select which contact groups you want to sync for that iPhone.
  4. That’s it! It’s that easy to set up two iPhones on one computer thanks to Apple’s simple programming.

Anderson Connector – Getting Important and Indispensable

The Anderson connector belongs to the family of electrical connectors that have been made by Anderson Power Products or APP. With them, one will come across stocks of all sizes and gauges. The company is fast becoming the new standard in DC power applications and their products are in high demand for radio control, automotive winch installation, amateur radio community and may other industrial applications that run on DC power such as wheelchairs, forklifts, UPS battery backup systems, etc.APP is looked upon as an industry leader and manufactures quick-disconnect power connectors. The company offers a wide range of robust solutions fortelecommunications, material handling, power electronics, medical and other industries.  Browse power connectors and connector adapters offered by the leading manufacturer.

Anderson connectors are compatible and are getting increasingly popular for alternate sources and have become de facto standards for carrying direct current. One can find these connectors in popular sized kits along withdiscretionary contact sizes and volume pricing.  There are housings and contacts that are required for a single connector in each kit of these connectors. There are various single connectorpins in small quantities and are available at affordable pricing. These connectorshave been readily adapted by most Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Serviceorganizations or RACES.The use of Anderson connectors in Emergency service across the globe is getting commoner. These are available from 10 to 700 amp maximum ratings for use through AC or DC operation. One can use those connectors to develop creative solutions for the interconnect requirements of their customers. Different customers can look forward to customized solutions for their specific needs.

The prime use of Anderson connectors can be seen in Genderless Housings where they offer simplified assembly and minimalize the number of components. You will find them used in Stackable Modular Housings and are easily available in different sizes so as to accommodate your connection need. One can easily connect them to for wire, PCB, or busbar and this reflects their connection versatility. These connectors offer a complete engineered interconnect solution for different kinds of power distribution needs. Thetin plated contacts that lie inside housingsforce the contacts together and offer low resistance connection.  The springs made of stainless steel create a strong force between the contacts and holds the connectorfirmly. The color code ensures that the Anderson connectors are assembled and coupled correctly, and one need  worry about the correct polarity. You can always make sure that you buy the best one for yourself.

What are phone skins?

The phone skins refer to an ultra-thin layer of adhesive film or stickers which printed with custom pictures or with special textures, with a certain shape that perfectly fit with the mobile phone body. The phone skins are stick tightly to the mobile phone for the purpose ofdecorating as well as protecting the cell phone from scratching.

With DAQIN mobile phone sticker machine, you can produce 2 types of cell phone skins for sale all by yourself and then sell them online or in shop. One type is the printed skins; another type is ready to cut skins that with special textures such as leather, woodgrain, super shining…etc.

For the printed phone skins, the customer can send you their custom picture to make custom mobile skins. The format of the photo could be: jpg, jpeg, bmp and png. With the software of DAQIN mobile beauty master, it can produce custom skins for any brand and model of smartphone in the world. Newly arrival mobile phone will be added into the software monthly, so that it always can produce custom skins for latest mobile phone.

DAQIN use 6 colors inkjet printer with CISS for printing the mobile skins since the printing quality is high and the cost for each printing is comparatively low. Additionally, DAQIN provide special vinyl film that can be directly printed with dye ink inkjet printer, while ordinary vinyl films are impossible to be printed by any inkjet printer.

After printing, the well-printed film needs to be laminated with a thin layer of lamination effect film in order to become anti-abrasion and water proof. 4 rollers laminator can effectively avoid bubbles during the lamination process. Also, it’s cold lamination so that no need to turn on the heat during operation.

Finally it’s time to cut the well-laminated film into custom cell phone skins. Put the film into the cutter and within 30 seconds the end product will come out. You can ship it to the customers or apply the mobile skin for them in your shop.

The second type of phone skins are with special textures, such as the crocodile leather, snake leather, zebra-striped leather, desert stone leather, super shining, color shining, wood grains, 3D water drops…etc. Each kind of special texture films has multiple colors to choose from. You just need to put the film material into the cutter, and then select the mobile phone brand and model in the software, click “cut” button, soon the end product of beautiful mobile skins will come out.

Steps to follow for starting a Mobile Phone Accessory Business

The number of cell phone franchises, autonomous stores and kiosks selling accessories has gradually increased with time, making the market highly competitive. The existence of such shops can be seen in almost every shopping mall and all public areas now. Even the Internet hosts a huge number of online outlets selling mobile phones and their accessories.

But if you are planning to establish a cell phone accessory business and earn some profit, you would need to find a location with lesser competition or build an online presence that can beat other competitors. So to get started with your business planning, here are some simple steps to follow:

Stage 1: Find a suitable location to start-up your business or you may as well rent a space or even a kiosk as per your affordability. You have to be sure about choosing a place with high-traffic, which would help you get more footfalls in your outlet. Keep in mind to avoid places that already have too many cell phone shops as it can elevate competition. If required contact a commercial real estate agent to assist you on this matter.

Stage 2: After finding a suitable space now it’s time to set up the store or the stall. There are some important items that you would need, like racks, hooks, shelves for displaying the inventory. You would also require cash registers and credit card terminals for monetary transactions.

Your next step would be opening a merchant account in the credit card provider bank so that you are able to accept card payments from the customers. Promotional materials like sales signs with pictures of mobile phones and their accessories would be your next requirement. Different point of purchase items like standees, banners, brochures and glow-shine boards would help you attract customer’s attention towards your shop. Your next task would be putting your mobile phone shop name in the mall or market directories and even on different online and offline business directories.

Stage 3: In case you have planned to open an online store, you have to focus on building your own website or else try a much simpler option of opening a web store through a reputable e-commerce website. To get the online store running you need to furnish product images, descriptions, pricing, shipping information, return policies, payment modes and contact information.

Arrange for a space for storing inventory, preparing invoices and maintaining bookkeeping works. You would also need computers, a latest retail software to track inventory and invoices, postal scale and shipping supplies. Accounts with credit card provider companies is a must to accept online payments.

Stage 4: Next level in your start-up business is to purchase the mobile phone accessories from the wholesalers. You can stock up different accessories like SIM cards, headphones, Bluetooth accessories, car chargers, cell phone covers, wireless keyboards, screen protectors, wall adaptors and batteries.

Stage 5: After your mobile phone shop is established, indulge in collecting the contacts of customers who have made purchases from your physical or online outlet and create a consumer contact list. Later you can use this list for informing customers about any new accessory in market or any ongoing offers or discounts. Now-a-day there are several popular social media networks, so using them to promote your business can be very helpful to attract more and more visitors.

The model, the one that shines

It is a standout amongst the most satisfying cell phones to take a gander at. It joins execution with and a simple to-utilize interface flawlessly under one hood. We are obviously discussing our one of a kind respect 6 or more. The leader from Huawei’s honor image, the 6 plus was a standout amongst the most anticipated cell phones in the sub Rs.30,000 fragment.

Numerous have touted the 6 Plus as a to a great extent skilled cell phone in their surveys, because of its solid processing capacities which take into account simple multi-tasking, not to overlook the numerous different angles which make this cellular phone one of the best dual sim mobile to purchase online in its portion.

So what makes this telephone so raved about? Well these are a few viewpoints:

That staggering screen. Well yes, the showcase is one of the most grounded and most cherished parts of the 6 Plus. Its 1080p determination with 401 of PPi, gives clients a striking knowledge of hues and complexities, with incredible survey edges. Don’t forget that  its extraordinary even under daylight, when you can make out minute details.

The parallel dual lens. What is that? So the parallel double lens on the honor 6 plus is the first of its kind anyplace on the world. With two lenses sitting one next to the other, they every have a particular capacity to bolster the other and make a decent picture into a brilliant and more prominent picture. The essential camera dons a Dual 8mp lens, with Geo-labeling, touch center, face location and HDR highlight choices. Another one of a kind element is the magnificence highlight, which has upto 10 unique settings which permits you to touch up your pictures and give them more substance and clarity. The front additionally has a 8mp camera, which takes into account those incredible selfies, particularly in the new all-encompassing mode.

The Power. This does sound a touch odd when discussing a cell phone, however once you see the honor 6 plus specifications, you’ll be constrained to concur. Sitting in the engine is an intense Octa-center, Kirin 925 processor, with a screen busting 3gb RAM. This much power in a cell phone will guarantee super smooth use, with slack free gaming and also snappier multi-tasking between applications, whether it is skimming the web on 4G or super snappy shade rate of the camera, the greater part of this is to a great extent conceivable with the motor (the processor) of the honor 6 Plus.

Another awesome part of this phone is the small scale SD card, which permits of expandable memory of upto 128gb. So in case you’re searching for a telephone which compliments your powerful identity, the honor 6 Plus is holding up to give you an ordeal like none other.

Don’t have a Battery Charger? Go and buy one now!

Today people are surrounded by machineries that require a battery to start, be it a car, motorcycle, lawnmowers, golf carts etc. Thus, having a battery charger becomes all the more important because one cannot expect all these machineries to work lifelong without any hiccup. Although battery life for all these machineries is good but when it is exhausted causes a lot of trouble. You do not want to be stuck in the middle of the road with a dead car or bike battery. Having a battery charger in such situations can be a lifesaver, as they say, “it’s better to prevent and care than repent and repair”.

Choosing a Battery Charger

Fortunately, there a lot of multi- chargers available in the market that can charge different types of machineries, so that you do not have to buy a specific charger for each of your machines. Just one battery charger will take care of your flatcar battery, motor cycle battery, lawnmower battery, golf cart battery and many more.

However, it is important to choose the right battery charger, which is compatible with other machines as well. For example, a 12 V car charger can not only recharge your car battery but can also be used to charge other stuffs like bike (6V battery), Lawnmowers, portable fridge and other kids toys that run with a battery. However, a 12V car battery charger might not be enough to power some of the marine batteries as bigger boats can consume as much as 24 Volts to run.

Types of battery chargers

Non-rechargeable battery chargers – Non-rechargeable battery chargers work as a regular battery charger but the only catch is that it can be used only once. So spite of being relatively cheaper, it in turn proves to be an expensive option if you have multiple machineries that run on batteries.

Rechargeable battery charger – As the name suggests, this battery charger itself can be charged with a power plug in case it drains out of power. Even though it is slightly expensive, than the old non-rechargeable charger but since, it can be used multiple times and on various machineries, it seems to be a far better option compared to the non-rechargeable one.

Solar battery charger – Solar battery charger usually comes in handy for outside/outdoor trips like fishing, boating, family picnics or camping. You would not want to be stuck in an isolated place or at sea with a flat battery. Solar battery charges are perfect for outdoor and will help you get through the situation.

You can choose a variety of battery chargers that suits your requirements online and that are compatible with a wide range of vehicles and machines.

Technology promotes child safety in school

The concept of providing safety and security to children extends to schools because they spend most of their time in the school premises. A lot of schools in many countries have a great concern to ensure that children are safe within the school premises and when they commute in the school buses.

The growing incidents of accidents and also the cases when children go missing from their schools have created an alarm in the minds of parents and this also affects the reputation of the schools to a great extent.  Safety in school has become very important a parameter for parents while selecting a school for their children. The need for a tracking system in almost all the reputed schools is the right way to remove the element of fear from the minds of the people.

It is very natural for a parent to worry in case if the school bus has not dropped their child at the usual time. Since there is no way to find out, the parents have to rely on other children’s parents and contact them to find out. With the help of a tracking system that is supported through mobile apps, parents can easily be informed by an alert message in case of any delay.

There is a new method to keep an eye on school bus drivers’ credibility. The school busy safety video is another way where the administration monitors the activities of the drivers all through the route they travel. This video also captures the attendance of the students boarding the bus each day. The gps tracking system along with the bus safety video complements each other in such a way that there is complete transparency in the monitoring of every activity of the drivers. In case of rash driving or impolite behavior by the bus driver or the helper, the school authorities can take strict action or even dismiss them from work with warning. Students need not scare to complain because their statement will be immediately looked upon and once something displeasing is seen, the correct decision is made to bring things back to normal.

Parents can be assured by the safety in school when there are special monitoring devices installed in the school premises and in all the school buses. As technology is being looked upon as destroyers of peace in some nations, it can be put to use intelligently to bring safety and peace of the people.

The Thin Line Between Prepaid And Postpaid

Postpaid users need not worry about their bills anymore. They can now track it on the Billbachao app very easily.

When call Prepaid Users lucky, it’s just because they get all the information about their balance as soon as they disconnect a  call, switch off their net or even send an SMS.

When we think of Postpaid users, most of them are surprised due on seeing the amount of their bills at the end of every month.

We know that information is for one and all, then why are only the prepaid users getting benefited? What about the prepaid users?

Well, Billbachao is here to change this norm. Now, even postpaid users can avail information about their bills whenever they want through this new application.

Power of Information

The Government of India gets almost 30% of its revenue from Postpaid users. The reason being that postpaid users always have to pay a fixed amount at the end of every month along with the payment that goes above their plan that has been subscribed for by the users themselves.

People with postpaid plans first need to download the BillBachao app on their phones. Once the app is downloaded, they have to register themselves in order to use the full feature of the app. One advantage being- It is extremely handy!

All kinds of postpaid users with service providers like Vodafone, Airtel, BSNL, Reliance, Idea etc. can use the benefits that are provided by BillBachao

The ultimate aim of BillBachao is to spread awareness among the postpaid users, so that they can track their billing amount and curb it when necessary.

The app also provides Postpaid Users with various postpaid plans based on the budget that is set by the customer. The customers can set the limit for the amount they want to spend on a monthly basis, their talk time in minutes, total SMS usage and Data Usage. Based on this filter, the app will give the best postpaid plans available.

The other benefits of having this app is that they can check the balance of their plans that have been subscribed in just one touch.

The Billbachao app provides you with time to time information on various other postpaid offers for your phone apart from the offer that you have subscribed for.

Sometimes, it’s easy to say that ignorance is bliss but in this situation, we as customers should not be ignorant. Instead, be smart and say YES to the power of Information. Ue the app and save your hard earned money.

How to Make a Client Database

Creating a simple, lightweight client database is possible when using Microsoft Access. MS Access is sometimes bundled with Microsoft Office, but is also sold separately. Once you set up the database, you can enter all your client’s essential information and contact details. You will want to include basic fields in the database table, but consider adding other important fields necessary for your project, industry or line of business.


  1. Open Microsoft Access.
  2. Click the “New File” icon. You can also select “File” from the top navigation bar and then click “New File.”
  3. Select the “Templates On My Computer” option. From the “Databases” tab, click the “Contact Management” template.
  4. Choose and define the different elements during the “Contact Management” database wizard. By default, there are three predefined fields: contact information, call information and contact types. Edit these as you deem necessary for your project and business needs. You can also add new fields during the setup process or later on.
  5. Name your client database on the final state of the wizard setup. For example, type “Contacts” or “Clients,” then click the “Finish” button.
  6. Enter your client’s information in the database fields.

Business Rules for Database Design database is a repository for data used in software development. A database has many levels, starting at conceptual, to logical and finally a physical database that is actually used for software development. A conceptual database design consists of data fields and business rules. From the conceptual database, business rules are translated into data attributes creating an entity-relationship logical database. A physical database is specifically used for programming and consists of tables, rows and columns of data entities and attributes.

Database Design

  • Designing a database begins with identifying the function of the database, data elements, data attributes, unique key data elements and table relationships. Business rules define the limitations and characteristics of the data and therefore are a major component in designing a database. A client’s request for information and business rules dictate which data elements need to be included on the database and its attributes.

Conceptual Database Design

  • A conceptual database begins with identifying data elements and business rules associated with them. A complete listing of data elements and their significant business rules must be specified to design an accurate database. An example of a data element is Employee. A business rule can be “An employee must have a Social Security number.” A logical database is formed from a conceptual database.

Logical Database Design

  • A logical database design consists of data entities and their data elements and attributes. Attributes are descriptions and characteristics of data entities and elements. Attributes are established through business rules that define the data limitations and constraints, such as allowable values and calculation rules. For example, if a business rule says that an employee must be 18 years old, then an attribute of the field Age will be “Age must be 18 or greater.” With this attribute the data type is numeric with at least two digits, notated as n (2). Relationships of database tables are defined in the logical database design. Relationships can be categorized as one-to-one, many-to-many and one-to-many.

Physical Database

  • A physical database consists of data in tables, rows and columns. One important rule in designing a physical database is to store data elements that have the smallest meaningful value. For example, data element Customer Name consists of values for First Name and Last Name and therefore does not have the smallest meaningful value. Instead, store data elements First Name and Last Name separately in the database. Another important rule is to not store data elements that could be generated through a calculation using other data elements. For example, data element Gross Pay is calculated by multiplying Hourly Salary by Hours Worked. Store the data elements Hourly Salary and Hours Worked in the database but do not include Gross Pay, as it can be calculated in the program codes. An accurate physical database with a complete description of data entities and elements contribute to an efficient software code.

How Are Databases Used in the Real World?
Databases are obviously used in business applications and financial transactions; however, databases are not just used for business applications. Your grocery store, bank, video rental store and favorite clothing store all use databases to keep track of customer, inventory, employee and accounting information. Databases allow for data to be stored quickly and easily and are used in many aspects of your daily life. This article was stored in a database and its content was retrieved and displayed in your browser.


  • Several types of databases have been around since the early 1960s; however, the most commonly used type of database was not created until the early 1970s. Relational databases are the most commonly used type of database. Created by E.F. Codd, relational databases have given rise to a digital organizational tool used by countless companies and individuals. Computer systems replaced outdated forms of paper communication and paper file storage. Computer databases were used as a way to store and manage large amounts of information digitally. Companies began to use databases for a means of inventory tracking, customer management and accounting purposes.


  • The move from paper to computer databases was a huge leap in information management and storage. Databases are much more efficient than paper storage in that they take up less space, are easily accessed by multiple users at once and can be transferred long distances with virtually no delay. The use of databases allowed for the rise of corporate infrastructure, credit card processing, email and the Internet. Databases allow for data to be shared across the world instead of being housed in one location on a physical piece of paper.


  • Databases are used just about everywhere including banks, retail, websites and warehouses. Banks use databases to keep track of customer accounts, balances and deposits. Retail stores can use databases to store prices, customer information, sales information and quantity on hand. Websites use databases to store content, customer login information and preferences and may also store saved user input. Warehouses use databases to manage inventory levels and storage location. Databases are used anywhere that data needs to be stored and easily retrieved. The filing cabinet has all but been replaced by databases.


  • There are several types of databases that can be used in real-world scenarios. Flat-file databases are generally plain text files that can be used by local applications to store data. Flat files are not as popular as relational databases. Relational database are databases with related tables of information. Each table has a number of columns or attributes and a set of records or rows. Relational databases are popular because of their scalability, performance and ease of use.


  • Because databases are stored digitally, multiple users in different locations can view the data in more than once place. Because banks store their customer information and balances in a database, you can use any branch for deposits and withdrawals. Databases allow more flexibility because they are in a digital format. Companies use databases for inventory and item pricing. A retail chain can see when stores are low in inventory and automatically order more. Prices can be updated across the country instantly as compared to having to manually do it at each store. Databases are used to distribute data quickly and easily because they are only updated once and can be read by many users.

How Does a Keyboard Send Information to the Computer?

A Look Inside the Keyboard

  • Each keyboard uses a series of switches to provide messages to the computer. The keys are nested on rubber dome switches that contain carbon in the center. This causes each key to be pressed down and come right back up when you do not press it anymore. Keyboards contain anywhere between 80 to 110 keys, but there could be more. The keyboard also has a microprocessor, to restrict the frequency with which signals are passed. Regardless of how sophisticated your keyboard is, keyboards generally use the same system for transmitting signals to the computers that they are attached to.

What Happens When You Press a Key

  • When a key is pressed, the rubber dome switch pushes down on the circuit board, making its center carbon contact touch the circuit, completing an electrical circuit. This instructs the keyboard to send a signal. Signals from the keyboard continue to be sent at a certain frequency, regulated by the microprocessor, as the key continues being held down. That is why, when you hold down a key, the computer repeats the letter, number or symbol on the screen as long as the key is pressed down.

Where Does a Keyboard Get Its Power?

  • Keyboards have internal circuit boards, meaning it must pull power from somewhere. Whether a keyboard uses a USB cable or a PS/2 cable, when the computer detects a keyboard connected, it will supply power to the keyboard through the cable. Wireless keyboards work differently in that they are powered by an internal battery. The wireless portal is powered by the computer, and a signal is shared between the two devices, using infrared, radio or Bluetooth technology. However, wireless keyboards are similar to wired keyboards in that they both have a similar structure, sending signals when a circuit is completed on their circuit boards. The only difference is how the signal reaches its destination.

Different Keyboard Layouts

  • Keyboards generally have different layouts. The most common layout in use today is the QWERTY layout, used in keyboards in North America, among other regions. However, other layouts do exist as well. For example, keyboards in Europe sometimes use the AZERTY layout or the QWERTZ layout. Primarily, these layouts are named for the first five alphabetic keys on the keyboard layout.

How to Build a Database for a Catering Business
You can’t understate the significance of word of mouth in retail, especially in the catering business. That’s why it remains important to establish a database of clients who you can rely on for steady business, and for future referrals as well. In many ways, getting started will prove the hardest part of the business, since at that point you can only ask customers to trust you without having established a record of your talents. However, if you know where to look and how to ask, you can have a viable database in a short amount of time.


  1. Print promotional and marketing materials. You don’t have to go all out. A simple, descriptive menu — printed professionally — will suffice. Presenting something tangible for a customer take with him after you meet makes sense. Also, consider taking pictures of the food you make. Even if you haven’t had your first customer yet, cook some food for your friends and family and snap a few photos to include on the printed menu.
  2. Offer a promotion or incentive to get the ball rolling. Don’t sell items at a cost so low that you can’t make a profit, but sacrifice a bit in order to attract new clients. For example, offer free appetizers for dinners over 200 people. Provide incentive for referrals, too. If someone who has used your services convinces a new customer to hire you, give them a percentage off their next order.
  3. Market to your target audience. Attempt to drum up business with clients most likely to opt for your fare. For instance, if you operate a deli-style catering business, canvass the office complexes in your area where corporate lunches occur regularly. Also, medical business parks, where many pharmaceutical reps work, offer a potential clientele for this type of cuisine as well.

How to Disable Lock Computer in XP Professional

Windows XP Professional users will generally want to keep the screen lock feature available on their machines — locked by pressing “Ctrl” + “L.” However, if you have a 2-year-old who presses buttons and you don’t know the account password, you may want to disable the screen lock feature. Doing so is a straightforward process.

You don't need a padlock to lock your computer screen.


  1. Click “Start” and then “Run…”
  2. Type “gpedit.msc” int the text box and press “OK” to access the group policy options.
  3. Press the “+” (if present) next to User Configuration, then Administrative Templates, then System. Click the folder labeled “CTRL+ALT+DEL Options” to display the settings.
  4. Click “Remove Lock Computer” to change this option’s settings. Click the radio button next to “Enabled” to disable the lock computer screen option in XP Professional.

How to Use a Keyboard to Unfreeze a Computer Screen

A frozen computer screen is a common, annoying occurrence. Computers can freeze for many reasons, such as when there are problems with hardware or software, overheating or running too many programs at once. If the computer does not respond to mouse clicks, use the keyboard to open Windows Task Manager and close the offending program or application.


  1. Press the “Esc” key twice. If this doesn’t work, press the “Ctrl,” “Alt” and “Del” keys at the same time.
  2. Click “Start Task Manager.”
  3. Locate the unresponsive program under the “Applications” tab. Select the program and click the “End Task” button

How to Use a Computer for Video Surveillance

With the advent of cheaper consumer-level surveillance cameras and DVR kits for the PC, setting up a video surveillance system on your home or business PC has never been easier. Typically, the most difficult part of the installation is running the wiring from the cameras to the PC itself. Even that problem has been remedied with the rise of wireless networked cameras. Choosing the proper camera and software setup that fits into your budget can be difficult, as there is a large price gap between the lower end hardware and the more advanced technology.


  1. Observe the area that needs to be surveilled. If it is poorly lit, you will need a camera with a larger CCD chip and strong night vision ability. Typically, these cameras come equipped with an infrared light to illuminate the area with a light that’s invisible to the naked eye. Should these cameras be out of your budget, however, lighting the area with a flood or motion sensitive light is a cost-effective method. If you decide to use a conventional light, you can spend less on the cameras themselves.
  2. Install the DVR PCI card into a PCI slot in your PC. Remove the side of the case and locate the PCI slots on the motherboard. Depending on the motherboard, there are typically four to five white PCI slots for expansion card installations. Consult your motherboard’s owner’s manual for specific instructions. Once the card is installed, replace the side of the case and install the included software.
  3. Install your cameras. Some DVR systems support up to 16 different cameras, but the most common is a four-camera system. You may need to use mounting screws (sometimes included with the cameras) to mount your cameras depending on the location. Try to mount the cameras in inconspicuous places that still retain a solid field of vision.
  4. After mounting your cameras, you will need to run the wiring back to your PC. If you are using wireless cameras, you will need to complete the wireless setup that is detailed in your owner’s manual. Run the wiring along walls using a staple gun (if you are able) to attach them to the wall and out of the way. If you don’t feel comfortable using a staple gun, try to keep the cabling concealed behind furniture inside or the eaves of your roof outside.
  5. Configure the DVR software on your PC. Determine the length of the recording and how much hard drive space you’d like to dedicate to video storage. Some DVR systems have motion-detecting abilities, which can save both electricity and hard drive space.

How to Use a Thumb Drive on a Dell Computer

A thumb drive is a small device that acts as an extension of your Dell computer. The drive becomes a location where you can store files and folders when you have it installed in your computer. The true power in a thumb drive is realized when you remove it from your computer and are able to transfer it, along with the content saved on it, to another computer.
Use a thumb drive in your Dell computer.


  1. Turn on your computer. Read the instructions that came with the thumb drive. Some thumb drives require you to go to a website and install a driver.
  2. Find the USB slot in your Dell computer. If you have a Dell desktop, your USB slots will be either in the back of the tower or in front of the tower near the power button. On a laptop, you will find the USB slots on the side or in the back of the device. The USB slot is a half-inch long slot.
  3. Slide the metal end of the thumb drive into the computer. If your computer has sound, you may hear some sort of alert that signals new hardware. Your system tray in the bottom right corner of your desktop may indicate a new hardware or thumb drive icon.
  4. Click your “Start” button in bottom-left corner of your desktop. Scroll up and click “Computer” or “My Computer.” You will see a “Removable Disk” icon. This is your thumb drive.

How to Create a Microsoft Access Database

Microsoft Access is a comprehensive database application available as a standalone program or as part of Microsoft’s Office suite of programs. Databases are a data filing system designed to have information located in a single place that is easily accessed by the source program. While typically used in a business environment, databases can be used for personal data storage as well. By following a few simple steps, you can create an Access database.


  1. Download the Microsoft Access application. If you do not have the program, check out the link below.
  2. Launch Microsoft Access. Click once on the “Blank Database” link on the “New File” task pane.
  3. Use the “Save in” drop down menu to select a folder in which to save the database. Change the name of the file, if necessary, by typing into the “File name” field. Click once on the “Create” button.
  4. Double click on the “Create table by using wizard” listing on the Database pop up window. This is the easiest option if you are new to creating databases.
  5. Use the “Table Wizard” to select a type of table to create. The Table wizard has many sample options for personal and business use. In this example, a personal address table is selected. After you select the type of table you want to create, click once on the single arrow to move individual field categories that you want to use for your table. Click once on the double arrow to move all of the categories at one time. Click once on the “Next” button after you have finished selecting fields for your table.
  6. Change the name of your table from the default name by typing into the “name” filed. Decide whether or not you want the “Table Wizard” to create a primary key for your table. While you can assign the primary key on your own, allowing the “Wizard” to assign it could save confusion if you are new to the process. Click once on the “Next” key.
  7. Choose how you want to enter the data into the table. The “Table Wizard” offers three options. Experienced users may choose to modify the table. Inexperience users should select to enter data directly into the default table or one that the “wizard” creates. Click once on the “Finish” button after you have made your selection.
  8. Enter the data into the table. You will notice in the example, that the primary key automatically numbers each entry. You can switch from field to field by pressing the “Tab” key one, or by clicking once in each field. Make certain to click once on the save button from time to time to ensure your database information is saved.

How Does Information on Desktop Computers
Desktop computers brought computing power to small businesses and private homes. Though these machines proliferated during the 1980s and 1990s, they are the result of a long history of technological innovation.


  • Development of desktop computers, according to the PC History organization, stemmed from the 1971 introduction of the microprocessor. By 1975, desktop computers appeared in Popular Electronics magazine, and the Apple II made desktops accessible to home users in 1977. The IBM Personal Computer, or PC, accelerated the proliferation in 1981, and the architecture of the PC set the standard for subsequent desktop computer generations.


  • Desktop computers typically feature a mother board, processor, random access memory (RAM), a number of function-specific cards and at least one hard drive contained inside a metal case. Typical peripherals include a keyboard, mouse, monitor and printer.


  • The size and relatively low cost of desktop computers make computer applications and Internet access available to home and small business users. Compared to laptop computers, larger desktop machines allow users to more easily upgrade the devices with larger, less-expensive components.


  • Though desktop computers have a number of benefits over laptops, the devices are often large and not easily moved between locations. Many desktop computers also require an external monitor and input devices, though some all-in-one computers integrate these peripherals.

USB Charger, The Vital Tool for Apple iPod

A sword may behead several heads, but it cannot replace the needle when it comes to sewing the clothes. The people do pay more attention towards the things that they most frequently use. For instance, a person with an iPod would value and respect it a lot more than anything else related to it. However, when the charger of an iPod gets out of order, the iPod becomes useless unless it is charged with a new charger. In fact, many people do not realize the presence of something, but the absence of it. But the experience teaches different lessons at different stages, and the people that were not very serious and careful towards buying the iPod chargers, become conscious at once when their iPod charger gets out of order soon after purchasing. The unauthentic products may cost less, but they cannot be expected to render desirable benefits and last longer. So, why not purchase something that is authentic and durable?

The market today is full of different types of accessories for all sorts of electronic items. Be it the mobile phones, tablets, laptops, iPods, or any other electronic gadgets; the accessories of all the items are prevalent everywhere. Also, there are several companies that manufacture and supply different types of accessories. However, it is worth remembering that not all companies have the experience and expertise to produce the genuine and high quality accessories. It is, therefore, required to know about the different brands and their quality before emptying the pocket on them.

As far as the mobile phone or iPod chargers are concerned, there are varieties of choices available in the market. Moreover, a Samsung phone charger may appear to be suitable to charge an Apple iPod. Sometimes, the charger manufacturers themselves do not know how many different types of gadget a charger would support. But it must be remembered that charging an Apple iPod with some other chargers which are not meant for it, may damage it in the long run. And, there is no reason why one should buy other chargers for Apple iPod if the USB Charger Sync Data Cable for Apple iPodShuffle is available at highly competitive prices.

Suitable to upload and charge the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Generation iPod Shuffle; the USB Charger Sync Data Cable for Apple iPod Shuffle is a 2 in 1 device. It can enable the users to charge and also transfer the music simultaneously. Another salient feature of this USB charger for Apple iPodis that it does not require the shuffle to be taken out of the protective case. This USB charger can be plugged into the charging case without removing the shuffle from the case.

Though, the features of Data Cable for Apple iPod Shuffle appear to be quite fascinating, it is better to first understand its pros and cons. The manufacturing or the supplying company may offer some sort of warranty for a particular period of time, but as is known; the prevention is better than cure, and it is wise to know the features before finally zeroing on to any particular gadgets or accessories.

Information About Modern Technology

Technology is well-established. From car remotes to medical procedures, technology is part of our lives. Each day, new technological ideas or products are introduced. Because technology is so prevalent in the modern world, it is worth exploring what effects modern technology has on us. The effects of technology can be both positive and negative.


  • Technology has given us nearly instant communication. In addition, more people are able to view information and products than ever before. The increase in communicative ability and access to data is beneficial in that it creates a certain level of accountability. For instance, members of the media are under more pressure to report accurately, since the data they report is seen by potentially millions of people worldwide.


  • Better technology in many instances has led to better travel. Planes fly more efficiently to more places than ever before, for example. The benefit is that it is very easy to transport both people and goods from place to place. The resulting global economy keeps prices low. People do not need to work or live only in their native area. However, better travel also means that people are more likely to spread disease from place to place, and a global economy means that some inferior or unsafe products may be widely distributed.

Health Improvements

  • For the most part, increased technology has led to improvements in health. Doctors now have ways to tell how sterile an environment or tool is. They have many different machines that can monitor vital signs or that can be used in medical procedures. Without this technology, many people would not recover from their illnesses, and disease would spread more rapidly.

Health and Other Concerns

  • Although modern technology can improve health, there is concern that the excessive use of technology may promote some health problems. For instance, those who work in front of a computer screen or who watch a lot of television every day are more sedentary, which can lead to physical problems. There also is concern that technology is reducing the social skills held by people and that it allows for a decrease in safety, such as with child pornography posted on the Internet. Additionally, modern technology may be creating some problems in that it can be used improperly, such as with atomic bombs during war.


  • Whether technology is beneficial or harmful depends largely on the way it is used and who is wielding the technology. For instance, computer email can be used to share family photographs, or it can be used to send out attachments that damage the recipient’s computer and steal information. Some regulations on modern technology thus are needed in order to guarantee or to protect individual and social safety.

How to Troubleshoot Business Contact Manager

Troubleshooting Business Contact Manager (BCM) is a step-by-step trial-and-error process. Business Contact Manager creates a complex software relationship between SQL Server Compact Edition, Outlook and other linked Office programs. Most problems occur during installation. Operational errors usually result from corrupt data.

Troubleshooting Installation

  1. Install Business Contact Manager (BCM) after Microsoft Office Outlook installs and is set up. Match BCM version to Office versions. BCM 2010, for example, will not work with Outlook 2003 or 2007. A 64-bit BCM version will crash when used with a 32-bit Office installation.
  2. Create a system restore point before installing BCM. In the Windows 7 Start menu “Search” field, enter “Create System Restore Point” and select the link appearing in the “Find” pane. If the BCM installation fails, enter “Restore System” in the “Search” field, select “System Restore” in the “Find” pane and restore settings saved prior to the installation. Perform a new, clean BCM installation.
  3. Write down the key number if an “Error 1402” stops installation. The registry key — the grouped letters and numbers separated by a forward slash (“/”) — is blocking installation. Run “RegEdit.exe” and navigate to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInstallerUserDataS-1-5-18Components” and scroll down the keys to the offending error message registry key. Right-click and select “Permissions” from the menu. Check “Allow” for the “All Users,” your user name and “Administrator.” Click OK, close the Permissions window and then close RegEdit.exe. Reboot the computer and reinstall Business Contact Manager.

Troubleshooting Operations

  1. Prevent operational failures with a daily database backup. From the Outlook “File” tab, select “Business Contact Manager” at the bottom of the navigation pane. Click the “Back Up and Restore” button and select the “Back Up” command. Follow instructions on the Back Up window. When BCM operations fail, restore the database from the last backup.
  2. Correct data corruption errors. From the Outlook “File” tab, select “Business Contact Manager” at the bottom of the navigation pane. Click the “Manage Databases” button and select the “Check for Errors” command. Follow instructions on the “Check for Errors” window. Close and reopen “Outlook.”
  3. Go to the website and type “Help for Outlook with Business Contact Manager” in the search field. This takes you to a hub page linking BCM troubleshooting articles. The hub page includes a navigation bar organized by troubleshooting topics. Selecting the “Troubleshooting” link jumps you to a page with frequently asked questions and answers.
  4. Repair the BCM installation from the “Programs and Features” window in “Control Panel.” Close Outlook and double-click Business Contact Manager. Select “Repair” from the “Maintenance” Window. This refreshes the Registry and reinstalls BCM program files without harming the database.

How to Make a Client Database for a Small Business
One of the chief advantages of a database is that even nontechnical users can get the data they want in real time. Once the tables and forms are set up, users can enter new clients into the database, access existing data and filter for just the information they need. As a database creator for your business, you need to take care when creating the document, since how you set up the data has a direct impact on its usefulness.


  1. Write a list of the fields you need to include in your client database. The exact fields can vary according to the nature of the business, but some of the required fields can include the name of the business, the contact at the business, the mailing address and the phone number.
  2. Log on to your computer and open your database program. Click the “File” button and choose the option to create a new database.
  3. Give your new database a name and save it to your hard drive or network. Go to the tables section of the database and enter the name of each field at the top of the column.
  4. Enter your data directly into the table using the information you have gathered. Close the table when you are finished.
  5. Right-click on the table you just created and choose the “Edit” or “Design View” option. Review the details of each column and change the data type, if necessary. The default option for database columns is text, but you can change the data type to numeric or currency, if you wish.
  6. Go to the forms section of the database and use the wizard option to create your data entry form. The wizard automatically pulls the fields from the table and uses them to create a form you can use to enter additional clients into the database.

How to Use a Computer’s Recycle Bin
Managing your computer’s files means knowing where they are when you need them. It’s also important to know how to delete them safely and effectively when you no longer need them. The Recycle Bin is a temporary folder that stores any files that are intended for deletion. These files are not deleted until prompted. This gives you the option of changing your mind in case you accidentally delete the wrong file.


  1. Find the files you wish to send to your computer’s Recycle Bin. You can do this by directly accessing the file folder if you know where it is, or you can use the Start Menu’s “Search” feature and enter the name of the file to find it.
  2. Highlight the file using the mouse pointer by single clicking on the file or folder in question.
  3. Press the “Delete” key. This will bring up a context menu asking you if you’re sure you want to send the item to the Recycle Bin.
  4. Confirm your selection by clicking “Yes.” This will automatically send the file to the Recycle Bin. Press “No” if you’ve made a mistake.
  5. Use the right-click context menu instead of the “Delete” key to cut out a step. Simply click the “Delete” link on the menu and proceed as you did in Step 4.
  6. Right-click on the Recycle Bin, which should be on your desktop. This will bring up its list of functions. Open or Explore the Recycle Bin to see the contents.
  7. Click “Empty Recycle Bin” to complete the deletion process and remove files from your hard drive.

How to Teach Someone to Use a Computer
Computers have become a nearly ubiquitous tool in modern society, but many people are still hesitant to use them. Reasons for this reluctance include lack of confidence in the ability to learn, fear of accidentally wiping out bank accounts or other important data, and the belief that computers are basically unnecessary. Teaching someone to use a computer requires patience, time and the ability to empathize with the student’s concerns.


  1. Plan a schedule of lessons that fits both parties’ lifestyles. Night owls have trouble focusing at 8:00 in the morning. No one is interested in patiently explaining a computer when he is late for work. Set times to meet when both you and your student are awake and relaxed.
  2. Start with the basics. If you use computers all the time, it is easy to forget that instructions such as “Bring up Control Panel” may be confusing. First, teach your student how to click and double-click, explain hot buttons on the keyboard and show him how to open a program.
  3. Demonstrate a task before asking the student to repeat it. Some people learn best by viewing, others by hearing and still others by doing. Show your student how to create an e-mail address, tell her what you are doing in each step, and then have her create her own address.
  4. Touch on each of the major categories of computer applications. Teach your student to create a document and a spreadsheet. Teach her to use a basic photo-editing program. Walk her through the process of searching the Internet. Gauge your student’s reactions to each topic before going into further detail.
  5. Teach your student how to install programs from CD, DVD or download. Explain how to view the “Read Me” file.
  6. Explain how to use the “Help” feature in major programs. Teach your student to perform keyword searches and follow the logic of the “Help” function.
  7. Demonstrate basic troubleshooting. Teach your student how to recover from a minor blue-screen, clear the Internet cache and reboot the computer. Show her the Recycle Bin and explain how to retrieve items.
  8. Explain basic data security. Ensure that your student has virus protection and a firewall. Teach her how to run a virus scan. Explain how to create secure passwords.
  9. Dispel myths and encourage exploration. Explain which information is actually stored on the home computer and which items are stored remotely (such as bank accounts and insurance policies). Encourage your student to try new programs, surf the Internet and access various computer features.

How to Disable Auto Lock on a Computer
Having your computer automatically lock after a period of inactivity is useful in a work environment, where other people could use your computer while you are away. This is not really necessary on a home computer, though. You can disable the auto lock feature on your computer using the power options from the Control Panel.


  1. Click “Start,” “Control Panel,” “System and Security” and “Power Options.” Click “Change plan settings” to the right of the power plan that is in use (the one with the circle filled in to the left of the label).
  2. Click “Change advanced power settings.” Make sure the setting for “Require a password on wakeup” is “No.” Change the settings by clicking on the current setting and then clicking the other option.
  3. Click “OK.” Right-click the desktop and click “Personalize.” Click “Screen Saver” in the bottom right of the window.
  4. Make sure that the option “On resume, display logon screen” is unchecked, and click “OK.”

How to Disable Lock Computer in XP Professional
Windows XP Professional users will generally want to keep the screen lock feature available on their machines — locked by pressing “Ctrl” + “L.” However, if you have a 2-year-old who presses buttons and you don’t know the account password, you may want to disable the screen lock feature. Doing so is a straightforward process.


  1. Click “Start” and then “Run…”
  2. Type “gpedit.msc” int the text box and press “OK” to access the group policy options.
  3. Press the “+” (if present) next to User Configuration, then Administrative Templates, then System. Click the folder labeled “CTRL+ALT+DEL Options” to display the settings.
  4. Click “Remove Lock Computer” to change this option’s settings. Click the radio button next to “Enabled” to disable the lock computer screen option in XP Professional.

How to Use Computer Applications
Any software that you use on your computer is a computer application. This includes word processing, spreadsheet, Internet browsing, anti-virus and email software. Many computers come with some of this software.


  1. Find a word processing application. You can use word processing applications to write letters, reports, resumes and cover letters. Homework assignments are easily completed, and you can create note cards. You can create a template for any work that you do repeatedly.
  2. Install a spreadsheet application to accomplish common everyday tasks. Some of these include a budget, a checkbook registry and an address book. Use your spreadsheet application wisely by learning how to insert columns, rows and rows of numbers. Use templates to decrease the amount of time you need to do your work.
  3. Use Internet applications to hook up to the Web so you can get online, use your email and search the Web. Research is easily completed with search engines such as Google and Yahoo! Join forums that you’re interested in to talk with fellow enthusiasts about cars, needlework or finding work, to name a few.
  4. Sign up for a free email service so you can keep in touch with your family and friends. Once you have an email account, you can also use an instant messenger to keep in touch with people even faster than email.
  5. Locate the accessories that come with your computer to keep up with the maintenance of your computer. Using computer applications means setting up times to maintain your computer or running the software yourself. This includes using a disk defragmenter to keep your hard drive running smoothly. Whenever you delete files, it creates holes in your hard drive, which the disk defragmenter will fix. Look into setting up automatic backups so you don’t have to worry about losing your work.
  6. Select an anti-virus application and install it on your computer. Set it to run daily so you won’t have to worry about viruses invading your computer and damaging important information.

How to Create and Upload a Product Database
How to Create and Upload a Product Database. Your product database, integrated with your shopping cart solution, will be at the informational heart of your online business. Create it carefully but simply. Back it up daily and let it serve as a workhorse to keep your business organized.

Review Your Needs and Set Your Field Names

  1. Save steps later by checking your existing or prospective selling venues, web hosting services and shopping cart hosts to see if they have a ready-made product database solution. Any product database should allow you to paste in boilerplate text or conduct a re-pricing operation on multiple products simultaneously.
  2. Study your inventory and make a list of every field or type of data you need to track on your products, including marketing text and pictures.
  3. Review your selling venues or other venues for products similar to yours. Research the data fields they include in multiple item uploads. Pay attention to the data field names and special conditions or conventions, such as allowed length of descriptive notes and item names, fields in which they use yes/no toggles and fields in which they use pull down menus.

Create and Upload Your Product Database

  1. Create an Excel spreadsheet using field names as column headings. Use another spreadsheet or database program if you prefer, but Excel spreadsheets with their powerful “sort” operations and capacity to be reformatted as tab or comma delimited text have become the standard for such purposes. Do not use multiple worksheets in the same spreadsheet or text file.
  2. Populate your spreadsheet with your products. Automate as much of the process as you are able, then fill in other columns manually. Don’t be afraid to leave some columns blank or to “hide” them for future use.
  3. Keep your product database in a separate, well organized folder and back it up regularly.
  4. Change column headings as you need to accommodate your upload needs for different selling venues, but always label and save each iteration with a file name that expresses the file’s data and purpose.
  5. Upload your completed database to your website shopping cart and to a third party selling venue. For your initial test drive, try an upload with three or four items and review any errors or fixes before you upload your full inventory.